• We Manufacture Hazardous and Premium Grade Solar Panels
  • Imagine Infinite Energy
  • Built For Extreme Environments

Premier Designer And Manufacturer Of World-Class Solar Panels

Invensun is a premier designer and manufacturer of world-class solar panels used in diverse applications in all environments. Our flagship, the Sundragon Solar Panel is available worldwide in Hazardous Grade or Premium Grade ranging in power from 5 watts to 300 watts.

Invensun is a privately owned 100% Canadian corporation headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

A Competent Partner

Standards-based quality: Our certified solar panels are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility with a production capability of 150 MW per year, thus ensuring a consistent supply of Sundragon Solar Panels.

Knowledge-based worldwide distribution: Invensun solar panels are available in Canada, exclusively through our knowledge-based distribution partner with 18 branches and 2 distribution centres across Canada. For international markets, Invensun solar panels are available directly from Invensun or through knowledge-based regional partners.

Driven to add-value: At Invensun, People and their Success and building long lasting relationships are important to us. Therefore, we are driven to help our partners by leveraging our strong and established relationships to offer EPC (engineering, procurement & construction) services, project financing and balance of system components such as racking, inverters and batteries. In short, we add value to everything we do.